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At The Luxe, we also offer fusion recipes on our menu, such as blending Korean and French food.

David Chang is one of the best-known chefs in New York for his Korean cooking. He has just opened a tiny restaurant in the city called Danji, which serves a menu of traditional and modern small plates featuring such delicacies as fried rock shrimp tempura, japchae, and barbecue pork belly sliders. He promotes the cuisine at Danji as Korean flavors with French technique.

He thinks that French formation is still very important today, s most of the great chefs are classically French-trained. This doesn't apply to Asian food in general, where they have their own techniques but not scientific recipes. With Asian food it tends to be more about tradition then technique, but since Chang didn't grow up with the experience of cooking Korean food, he used his French training to create recipes that were a fusion of the two.

We believe in providing customers with new experiences. There are many traditional French restaurants in the area but we hope The Luxe offers something new. Our chef, Luc, has travelled all the way from the Dordogne during his career but has also been across the world and brought his traditional French style to other nationalities' cuisines.

Do get in touch if you have any questions or wish to make a reservation.


Welcome to The Luxe Bristol restaurant

The Luxe is a restaurant in the heart of Bristol. We provide the very best French cuisine. Our chef, Luc, has been cooking for over 25 years and is originally from the Dordogne region of France.

Our restaurant has been open for eight years and in that time we have carefully selected the dishes which we work with, enabling a broad range which reflects the diversity of food available across France.

We offer a range of starters, main courses, desserts and wines, all influenced by French cuisine. We believe that customers are the heart of the business – they are not just visiting our restaurant, they are coming into our home. As such our waiters offer the very best service possible and make sure the "customer is always happy".

Our menu includes classics such as:

-duck and dauphinoise potato

-braised lamb


-salmon terrine

-quail's eggs

Our wines come from all across France. We have red, white and rose. For special occasions, we provide champagne. If you wish to make a large booking, do let us know in advance. The Luxe is the perfect setting for a celebration or a party. Similarly it is perfect for a romantic meal between two people. We take many Valentine's Day bookings and our walls have seen many a crucial question popped!

Do book in advance as we are one of the most popular restaurants in Bristol.

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