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I have lost about 150 pounds over the course of 25 years — the same ones, over and over. As I get older the weight creeps up on me Much faster; 5 lbs can hit in a matter of days, instead of weeks. It’s a constant battle.

The weight loss programs, products and diet pills on this website have been reviewed and many personally used.

I Especially like the Nutrisystem Nourish Weight Loss Program. I don’t have to Think and Plan what to eat to lose weight. It’s been done for me. Plus, it’s nice to have the diet food available when I need a quick, low calorie, healthy meal.

Over a year ago I started a Bioidential Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy with USP Progesterone Cream. It has Truly helped my peri-menopause symptoms, and helps the belly fat that was showing up, disappear, .

My daughter has A lot of success with Zantrex Diet Pills and Diet Patches. And, my Sister has done well with the Atkins Diet. When she sticks to the program she loses 25 lbs in 2.5 months.

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