While women’s health screening remains a high priority for cancers’ awareness, and in the main, most women find themselves invited for screening at regular intervals which can either prevent or support a potential case of cancer becoming incurable. Men on the other hand despite many campaigns remain at best, more embarrassed and even less active in seeking medical screening for problems found ‘down below’, penile cancer and testicular cancer are on the rise simply because vanity and embarrassment stop men seeking early medical screening.

Over the last decade, testicular cancers have been in the media, as more and more celebrities, reveal that they have either had, or are being treated for such cancer. While this is extremely helpful, many are still unaware that there is an even more prevalent cancer that can devastate.

The lesser known Penile cancer is one of the most malignant forms of cancer and if left untreated can completely destroy the penis, and in the worst of cases, lead to death. This type of cancer is easy to detect, and while a man should examine his testicles frequently, he should also examine his penis.

Men who have sought medical advice, too late, although engaging in treatment, mourn the loss of their member, through drastic reconstruction surgery, that potentially saves their lives. The pain of this physical outcome will heal overtime, but the psychological period of loss can remain constant. Therefore, the wisdom for all men is to set-aside embarrassment and vanity for an early medical diagnosis. In most case, about 2% are found to be cancerous and treatable.

What to look for?

This type of cancer can be seen as simple unusual lumps, skin changes on the shaft, or the head of the penis, sometimes having a colour, or the appearance of spots or odd shaped growths, which might be brown or darker in colour. In many cases this, is not always cancer, but another form of skin disorder, or another non-malignant cause, which is totally treatable.

The most important aspect for a man is to seek the advice and counsel of a family doctor as soon as the appearance of these skin changes. Embarrassment should not deter from attending a medical practitioner, for diagnosis, who in most cases will refer the patient as an urgent case, onto a local hospital urologist for further tests and in the interim take blood and urine samples for testing.


There are a number of support groups for men’s health which is often the first point of contact for the ‘shy’ male, who through the counsel and support of the group or online support chat room will be encouraged to seek medical advice and treatments.

The worst thing to do is to forget about it, rather like testicular cancer, the real activity of the cancer is within the pelvic area, its network of lymph glands and tissues. Being embarrassed is no option seeking medical advice at one’s family doctor is always the best course of action.

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Sadly many men still remain oblivious to there own health, and should like the women in there lives, seek frequent advice, support and medical counsel for any unusual lumps, bumps and distortions in the genital area. In doing so the more men who present with such conditions or potential of, will encourage the inception of greater screening programmes for the many, which is how, over the last decades many women have enjoyed free screening for cancers, because women have bravely come forward to the medical profession with presenting symptoms. Therefore, in essence the reality is, loss of male embarrassment for the sake of good genital health.