As we know that the experts have agreed that the main cause of most diseases is the lack of certain vitamins and minerals in the body. In fact, vitamins and minerals are available in abundant amounts in fruits and vegetables around us. But most of us are very difficult to eat fruit and vegetables as much as we need. If you are willing or have time to chew a bag of carrots or a bag of spinach a day, so this article is not for you.

All cells in the body depend on proper nutrition. Without these nutrients, these cells can not function properly. To maintain the function of these cells, the food you eat should be digested properly. To get the greatest benefits of vegetables and fruits, eat the fresh one. Fresh food allows the enzyme to work with full power, thus providing directly encouragement to the body’s metabolic system.

Why should be in the form of juice?

People do not know how many vitamins and minerals we need to be healthy. But experts agree that there are micro-nutrients that their function are still misterius. These substances were found in small amounts, in all of the fresh foods. For example, experts have known the benefits of carrots, which contain beta-carotene and vitamin A in large quantities.

Scientists have managed to extract these magical ingredients into pills that ready to swallow , which according to them, can maintain heart health and prevent cancer. But the carrot has other benefits aside from beta-carotene and vitamin A. There are other substances called carotenoids, which will not be found in vitamin pills. You can only find it from a fresh carrot. But most of us are very lazy to eat fresh fruit or vegetables directly, because it takes much longer to digest fruits and vegetables completely.

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Juice quickly and efficiently absorbed by the body-sometimes within a few minutes after consumption.So many properties and benefits of fresh fruit and vegetables and they are also have different ways of healing. Vitamins, minerals, proteins, lipids and carbohydrates that are found with different concentrations, work on the organs and certain diseases. For example, apple juice and its fruit flesh can help reduce acid crystals that accumulate in the joints, so that it can relieve the pain due to arthritis.

Fennel removes heartburn and watermelon juice can cure colic. Another benefit, juice help you lose weight and maintain weight loss. Tomato juice can eliminate the addiction to junk food, and sweetened fruit juices eliminate addiction to cakes, cookies, and candies. In addition, fresh fruits and vegetables have high fiber content, which in terms of nutrition called “roughage”.

Its most important functions in the gastrointestinal tract is to encourage the movement of food in the intestine. Insoluble fiber can bind cholesterol in the digestive tract so it is not absorbed by the body. Insoluble fiber works to cleanse the bowel.

However, because the “juicer” filter out most of the fiber, so it only produces fluid, then to get the maximum benefits of vegetables and fruit, take most of the fiber and return it into your drink. Or use it as a mixture to cook cakes or other foods. Use to make bread or cake that rich in fiber and delicious.