Excess weight tends to cause more health problems compared with underweight or skinny. Therefore, people tend to let their underweight condition. For some people, thin body may interfere in terms of appearance, and usually they will try to gain weight. To gain weight, you have to do regular physical exercise and increased energy intake by eating healthy foods, increase the portion of food, and increase the consumption of snacks and soft drinks. One strategy is mostly done by people to gain weight is to eat foods that contain more calories and exercising to build muscle.

1. Eating foods rich in energy.

Energy-rich foods (which is avoided in the diet for weight loss) is the key in weight gain. Choose foods with high calories from each food group, for example, select a high-fat milk rather than fat-free milk, choose salmon instead of snapper, avocado instead of cucumber, a cup of grape juice instead of a small apple, and corn muffins instead of bread wheat. One teaspoon of fat contains twice as many calories than sugar.

Health experts recommend a diet low in fat, because fat can cause major problems on your health, including obesity and heart disease. Eating foods high in calories and high fat foods are not healthy for most people, but it may be important for people who have skinny body, who want to gain weight. Thin people who are physically active and eat nutritious food in sufficient quantity, will acquire the additional calories from fat consumption. For health reasons, it would be wise if you choose foods that contain monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats instead of saturated fats or trans fats.

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2. Eating is your top priority.

People who are underweight should make a priority in matters of eating, take your time to plan, prepare, and eat at every meal time arrives. You should eat healthy foods at least three times a day, and try to eat more in the first 20 minutes while you eat. Another suggestion is to eat an appetizer of meat or eat the main dish in advance, after that you can eat soup or salad.

3. Eating in large quantities.

People who are underweight, have to eat in large quantities at every mealtime. Eat your food in a large plate, and drink a glass of milk is greater. Thin people may be accustomed to eat small amounts, so when they eat in large quantities, they will feel uncomfortable. That is a normal thing for a while.

4. Eat an extra snackIn addition to need to eat more at every mealtime, they are also need to eat more frequently.

Eat snacks between meals on a regular basis, can also gain weight. For example, students need to consume additional food or snacks during breaks, in addition to mealtimes that is 3 times a day. Eating fruits, nuts, and seeds are also an easy way to add calorie intake. Drinking juice and milk also an easy way to increase energy intake. Consider that 6 cups of cranberry juice can add almost 1000 calories to daily intake. For people who are underweight due to illness, the liquid diet is often recommended because it can be swallowed easily. Your doctor or dietitian may recommends diet high in protein, or high in calories to help people with low weight for weight gain.

5. Exercising to build muscle.

To gain weight, do sports, especially sports that use the strength, and increase energy intake to support the exercise you do.  Additional food cravings can support your efforts to gain weight.  Additional about 700-1000 calories per day than normal energy requirement is sufficient to support the exercise and muscle development.